About us:
HAWK-i CRCE is a One-Stop Platform for Students who are just considering a career in cybersecurity, people who want to compete via CTF challenges, or experienced leader in the cybersecurity workforce who gets an opportunity to inculcate/Collaborate and have a hands-on learning Experience with Real World Bugs & Vulnerabilities, which provides tangible benefits and a supportive community to get guidance from industries best Hackers, Pentesters, Bug Hunters, Researchers, Enthusiasts & Content Creators on a global scale, to comprehend the significance of Cybersecurity in the upcoming era of cyberspace. 
HAWK-i's Summercon CRCE A flagship cybersecurity Conference by Fr.CRCE is an excellent opportunity for companies to meet with students and professional candidates in Mumbai in order to connect with them and hire them for cybersecurity roles! More than half of the attendees are students looking for opportunities who have been enrolled through the HAWK-i scholarship program, which is supported by sponsorships.
Website1 : http://hawkicrce.com
Website2: http://hawkicrce.netlify.com

Our Highlights: 

SummerCon CRCE 2023 is a 1 day Cybersecurity conference that will be held in Fr.CRCE, Mumbai, India, with a focus on technology, innovation, and knowledge sharing. This year's theme for SummerCon CRCE is " Bridging the Gap: Discovering the Future ". Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds in technology, security, and innovation to share their ideas, experiences, and insights with our attendees. It brings together experts and enthusiasts to share knowledge and discuss the latest trends in computer security. The conference includes various talks, workshops, and serves as a platform to connect industry leaders with talented resources. SummerCon is our flagship event which is also Mumbai's 1st of its type of Cyber Security conference along with other technical events!
This Year's expected footfall is around 300+ offline & 500+ Online enthusiastic, mostly tech savvy, security Enthusiast, Undergrad College students and Professionals. with a Community reach of about 50k+.

Website1 : summercon.hawkicrce.com

Community Service:

1. Job Fair: We host Job Fairs related to the cybersecurity & Marketing field that helps various college students to get Technical and Non-Technical jobs. We are connected with various Cybersec job based IT Companies and various security Communities.

2. We are also in the Collaboration with The Hackers Meetup Mumbai that helps various security enthusiasts to start their career in cybersecurity.

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