The Department is headed by Dr. Sapna Prabhu who holds a Ph.D. degree (Technology) with her area of Research being Computer Architecture. She has over 26 years of teaching experience and numerous publications in International Conferences and Journals.

The present faculty strength of the department is 10 which include 2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, and 7 Assistant Professors. These include 2 Doctorate and 8 Post- Graduates. 6 faculty members are pursuing their doctoral degrees. All Laboratory Technicians and Laboratory Assistants are qualified and skilled. The staff members are always encouraged to upgrade their academic qualifications and contribute to research publications. The Department boasts of committed faculty members with rich teaching and industrial experience who have been with the Department for several years and this has helped in the development of a well-knit team. To keep abreast of the latest developments, the Department organizes technical programs and sponsors faculty for courses in their areas of interest and qualification improvement.

Students with good MHT-CET/AIEEE/JEE scores get admitted to the Department. The students maintain a good academic record and regularly organize and participate in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities, both within the college and at the intercollegiate level. Most of them get placed in reputed companies or pursue higher studies.

The Department has an adequate number of well-equipped and well-maintained laboratories which are regularly updated and new laboratories are developed as the need arises.

Computing Laboratory - I

This laboratory caters to the subjects Web Technologies, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Computer Organization and IOT.

The laboratory is equipped with 21 desktop computers with various embedded system software and kits. Also, a Remotelab facility is created to enable the students to access the FPGA and ARM kits remotely. Various software available are: Proteus, Keil, Mplab, TASM, S51, AVR studio, Winpic, RTOS, PSoC Creator Software, Star UML

Various available kits are: 8085, 8086, 8051 kits, ARM kits, ARM-Cortex, AVR kits, Universal trainer kit (ARM+PIC), PSoC Kits, Stepper motor controller cards.

Computing Laboratory - II

The laboratory caters to the subjects like VLSI Design, Image Processing. Simulation experiments of Digital and Analog circuits are also conducted in this laboratory.

It is equipped with Sun Solaris Workstations and additional machines on dual operating VHDL software to simulate and synthesize any digital circuit.

Students can get hands-on experience on SILVACO (the back-end software for process simulation), MAGIC (layout design software), LabView for process simulation and SPICE for circuit simulation.

Computing Laboratory - III

This laboratory caters to various courses such as Filter Theory and Applications, Wireless Communication, Continuous Time Signals and Systems, Discrete Time Signal Processing, Data Communication Networks, Advanced Communication Theory and Computer Networks.

It is equipped with 20 Sun-Ray workstations, Matlab software with communication and Signal processing toolboxes which help to simulate and model Communication and Computer Networks . An Antenna trainer and a TV trainer are used for Communication System practicals. Spectrum Analyzer and Digital Signal Processing kits with the DSP processor TMS320C6713 are used for various signal processing applications.

Computing Laboratory - IV

This laboratory caters to the advanced computer courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data Analytics. It facilitates students to develop advanced intelligent applications by combining computational algorithms and statistical models.  The lab is equipped with 20 high-end machines with advanced open source software such as Anaconda, Jupyter, Weka, Hadoop, MongoDB installed.

Hardware Laboratory - I

The Laboratory is being utilized for practical courses in Electronic Devices and Circuits, Power Electronics. It is equipped with various Power Electronics kits such as Choppers, Inverter, D.C. drives, A.C. drives, UPS.

Hardware Laboratory - II

This laboratory is used for practical courses in Instrumentation Systems, Control System, Robotics and Mechatronics. It has PID controller and PLC kits for experiments in Process Instrumentation, Servo motors, Synchros, etc for conducting experiments in Control Systems.

Electrical Lab

Electrical Engineering Laboratory is mainly utilized for Laboratory courses in Basic Electrical Engineering (FEC105) for First year, Industrial Electronics (MEL 401) and Electrical Wiring Workshop. This laboratory is developed to conduct experiments on Electrical Machines ,Transformers and other Electrical experiments. This laboratory is equipped with Electrical machines like 3phase Induction motor, DC motors, Synchronous motor, Motor-Generator set , alternator and Transformers . Lab is equipped with Digital storage Oscilloscope, Multi-Meters , 3 phase Rectifier Unit, Function Generator ,DC power supply, Digital Tachometer etc. Also many trainer kit like LVDT trainer kit, RTD kit ,electronic measuring instruments are available in the laboratory.


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